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Our variety of classes and teachers are here to help you reach your desired goals. Practice 2-4 times a week to create life changing results!

We all have to start somewhere! It’s important to understand that practice takes time, and patience. The goal is not to be perfect, but rather to experience your body and breath. By trying the right way, to the best of your ability, you too will see the amazing transformations of regular practice! And remember, the most important principle of practice, is to practice, and practice often.

Why the heat?

We practice in a heated room in order to safely warm up our bodies. The heat helps the body burn fat, and effectively detoxifies the different systems of the body. And just as your body temperature rises to fight infection, the heat in the practice room improves T-cell function and strengthens the immune system. It also increases your cardiovascular workout, and as a result, you will sweat.. a lot!

Sweating is your body’s natural way of cooling off, so don’t wipe away your 'liquid awesome' (sweat), just let it roll! We use the heat as a tool to improve circulation and to carry fresh oxygen and nutrient rich blood to each and every organ, gland, muscle, bone, nerve and tissue of the body. The sweat and movements flush your system of toxins and waste, leaving you with an exhilarating feeling of rejuvenation. It’s good to be alive!


Preparing for class...

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. Hydrate well, and come on an empty stomach. Bring a yoga mat, two towels (one for your mat, and another to shower) as well as water. These items are also available for purchase or rent at the studio. Dress comfortably, allowing your body to move freely throughout practice. Less is more in the hot room!


During class...

We meet ourselves on our mats; do the best with what you have today. Know that each day is unique, and as you challenge your body and mind, expect things to change. Approach your practice without doubt, or judgment. Be respectful of the space and other students around you, and support one another on this exciting journey. Take breaks as needed; there is no room for ego on your mat.


After class...

Drink plenty of water, replenish your electrolytes, and eat all the fresh vibrant food your body craves! You may experience some soreness post-workout; and if so, good for you! This is a sign that you have challenged your body in a new way. Come back for your next class as soon as you can, the heat and movements will help to alleviate any lactic acid build-up you may feel.