Cold Plunge

Welcome to Red Tree Hot Fitness Cold Plunge, your newest retreat right in the heart of South Etobicoke!

We're excited to bring this timeless, rejuvenating ritual to our community. Our Cold Plunge experience is far more than a simple chill in the water. It's a comprehensive practice crafted to strengthen your nervous system, fight oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and enhance your immune system. Embrace this holistic journey with us, and feel the transformative effects on your wellness journey.

Appointments are available in 10-minute intervals, Monday to Sunday! With over 130 opportunities each week to take the plunge!


The Ultimate Guide to a Cold Plunge Experience

  • Preparation Stage
    Mindset and Intention Setting: Start with a moment of tranquility. Reflect on your goals for the session, be it emotional release, mental clarity, or physical rejuvenation.
  • Breathwork as a Prelude
    Engage in deep, rhythmic breaths, letting each inhale and exhale flow like waves. This pattern is not just a preparation; it's a journey into self-awareness and stress management and is crucial for preparing your mind and body for the cold immersion.
  • Activation Phase
    Physical Warm-Up: Partake in light activities such as stretching, bodyweight exercises, or a brief dance. The aim is to get your blood flowing and your body slightly warmed. Cold Plunge Ritual
  • Entering the Cold
    Step into the cold plunge, focusing on maintaining controlled, powerful exhales. Immerse yourself up to your shoulders, aiming to stay for 2-5 minutes, as recommended by experts like Dr. Andrew Huberman.
  • Embracing the Chill
    Stay focused and calm. Keep your breathing steady and remember your initial intentions. The cold is a catalyst for physical and mental transformation.
  • Post-Plunge Recovery
    Recenter and Rejuvenate: Upon exiting the plunge, don't rush. Spend time adjusting back to room temperature. This is a crucial period for your body to recalibrate and absorb the benefits.
  • Reflection and Hydration
    Post-plunge, take a moment to reflect on the experience. Drink water to stay hydrated and help your body recover.
  • Tips for an Enhanced Experience
    Consistency is Key: Regular sessions will help your body adapt more effectively to the cold. Listen to Your Body: Everyone’s tolerance to cold is different. Adjust the duration of your plunge according to your comfort and capability. Combine with Other Therapies: Pairing cold plunge therapy with hot yoga or Pilates can provide a balanced approach to wellness. Remember, the key is gradual adaptation and consistency, rather than pushing for longer and more frequent exposures right away. Start with two sessions weekly consisting of 2 minutes and work from there. By following this guide, you're set for a rejuvenating and transformative cold plunge experience!

Mindful Cold Plunge Etiquette

  • Begin with a cleansing shower.
  • Clean swimsuits are mandatory for hygiene and comfort.
  • Keep the plunge area clutter-free; store belongings in the changing rooms.
  • Respect the purity of the water by refraining from applying lotions or oils before the plunge.
  • Enter the plunge with intention and care, maintaining the tranquility of the space.

Our cold plunge is fitted with a comprehensive filtration system, with an ozone generator to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae and ensure the water is crystal clear. The water is constantly circulated, filtered, and the chiller maintains the perfect temperature. The system cycles its water 10 times per hour, ensuring a pristine experience every time.

We're excited to support you in this empowering cold plunge journey. Should you have any inquiries, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to assist. Embrace this transformative step in your wellness routine with Deliberate Cold Exposure Therapy!

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