Class Descriptions

60 Minutes & 45 Minutes

Inferno Hot Pilates

  • 45 Minutes & 60 Minutes

is an exhilarating, full-body workout that combines the principles of yoga, Pilates, and strength training in a fun, low-impact, high-intensity format. Performed on a yoga mat with a towel in a warm room set to lively music, this class is an efficient way to strengthen muscles, burn fat, and boost fitness without the high-impact stress of other workouts. It's an incredible exercise experience designed to cater to all fitness levels. Everyone can join in on the journey to greater strength!


Hot Yoga

  • 60 & 90 minutes

Discover the transformative power of our Hot Yoga classes, available in both 60 and 90-minute sessions. A hatha yoga traditional sequence of two breathing exercises and 26 postures, all performed in a heated room. The sequence is meticulously designed to systematically circulate oxygenated blood throughout the body, stimulating each organ and tissue, and restoring all systems to optimal health. This rejuvenating practice works the entire body, offering a complete physical and mental workout. Perfect for practitioners of all levels, our Hot Yoga classes are a journey towards wellness and balance.

Inferno Hot Pilates + Weights

Strength & Conditioning

  • 45 Minutes & 60 Minutes

an all-levels workout designed to elevate your fitness game. This full-body session utilizes weights and various equipment to craft an exceptional workout that promises to challenge and transform both your body and mind in the most positive way. All levels of fitness are welcome to experience a workout that not only builds physical strength but also enhances mental resilience.

power vinyasa

Vinyasa Flow

  • 60 minutes

Experience the fluidity and energy of our Vinyasa Flow class, a dynamic practice where the harmony of breath and movement is the essence. In this class, students gracefully transition through a series of poses, each flowing seamlessly into the next. Vinyasa is a powerful and energetic style of yoga that not only improves mobility and focus, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system. This practice is both accessible and deeply rewarding for all, regardless of your yoga experience.


Yin Yoga/Restorative

  • 60 minutes

is a practice defined by its slow-paced style where poses are held for extended periods. This method is designed to enhance circulation to the joints and deeper tissues, applying moderate stress to the body's connective tissues. Yin Yoga takes a meditative approach, encouraging you to develop a heightened awareness of your inner self while gently increasing flexibility. It's a beautiful restorative style of yoga, ideal for unwinding and rejuvenating. We recommend the nurturing practice to everyone as a weekly routine, to balance the body and mind in the midst of life's hustle.


Pilates Sculpt

  • 60 minutes

is a dynamic class designed to redefine your workout experience. This class combines the precision of Pilates with muscle-sculpting techniques, creating a full-body workout that targets every major muscle group. Through a series of controlled, impactful movements, you'll enhance strength, improve flexibility, and boost muscular endurance. Pilates Sculpt is perfect for those looking to tone their body, improve posture, and achieve a balanced and sculpted physique. Accessible to all fitness levels.



  • 45 minutes

Discover the power of our kettlebell classes, where dynamic movements meet strength training. This high energy class uses kettlebells to perform a variety of exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. You'll engage multiple muscle groups, enhancing overall strength, endurance, and balance. These classes are perfect for anyone looking to add intensity to their workout regimen and see transformative results.