Classes start on time

To protect students’ personal belongings and safety, our studio doors are locked when classes start. Classes start on time as listed on our schedule. We respect everyone’s time and effort in attending class so please do not be late, or risk being locked out :(.

Leave your shoes
at the door

Our floors are mopped in-between every class, which allows us to maintain a barefoot environment. Please help us maintain a clean space and always leave your outdoor shoes at the entrance.

Say “Hello!”

Stop by the front desk and check in with your instructor before heading into the changing rooms or entering the yoga room. We get it, you are in a rush to grab your favorite spot, but checking in only takes a second! Class spots are limited and not checking in can result in a “no show/late fee”.

Tell your teacher
about any injuries

Many teachers like to assist and encourage students in class. If you’re sore, injured or just don’t want to get personal guidance, please tell your teacher before class. We aim to give you the best experience possible!

Wear appropriate clothing

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and easily. Dressing in a way that won’t distract others or make them uncomfortable is a kindness to your fellow students.

Leave the phone’s behind

We encounter so few opportunities in our daily life to disconnect from our phones. Take advantage of those precious moments in class to focus entirely on yourself – no escape, no distractions. If you have a special situation (on-call, young kids who need to reach you) please make sure your device is always on silent in the room and tucked under your mat so as not to distract you or other students around you.

Respect the quiet space

Before and after yoga classes please keep the room silent and use this time as an opportunity for reflection, self-study, and focus, allowing others to do the same. Pilates and HIIT classes have a different energy and they are a great time to catch up with your training partners on the mat!

Shower Etiquette

In consideration of fellow members, please keep your shower times to 2 minutes. No washing clothing, mats or towels in the studio at any time.

Check in with yourself

Feeling Unwell Today? Please stay home, rest and join us when you are feeling well again. In the meantime you can enjoy our virtual classes right from the comfort of your home!

Safety first

We take your safety and the safety of those around you very seriously at Red Tree. When carrying weights into the room please limit it to one weight per hand, and avoid stacking them. The last thing you want is to drop a weight on someone. Limit the number of weights you bring to your mat to 2 pairs, taking multiple trips to acquire them.

The only competition in the room is with yourself! Choose appropriate weights for you, preventing injury to yourself and others nearby. Slowly increase weight with time, and when in doubt ask your instructors for guidance.

Cancellations and No
Shows Policy

We welcome your feedback! Please always feel free to send us an email at